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Frequently Asked Questions

Conference dates: July 31, 2012 - August, 02, 2012. New Updated

Is there any page length limit for journal/conference papers?

No, there is no page length limit for journal papers.

How many words extended abstract should contained when submitting for review?
The extended abstract should be approximately 600 words in length, but no less than 400 or more than 800 words.

Where can I find instructions for paper composition?
Please click here for the submission guidelines. The author also needs to submit a Submission Cover Page with the submission.

Where can I submit my paper for conference & journal publication?
Prospective authors should submit their full papers for conference publication by e-mail to oida@ontariointernational.org

The receipt of the paper submission will be confirmed via e-mail within 5 days in most cases. In case you have not received any confirmation for the receipt of the paper, please contact us urgently.

What are the criteria of selection of conference papers for journal publication?
High impact conference papers are selected for journal publication after the conference is over.
Authors can follow up their papers published in OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development ISSN 1923-6654 (print) ISSN 1923-6662 (online)

What kind of technical equipment is provided for paper presentation at the conference?
Laptop Computer
LCD Data Projector
PowerPoint Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer
PowerPoint Presentation/ Acrobat Reader Software

How can I get an official letter of invitation for the conference attendance?
An Invitation letter is provided on request by authors or others
An Official letter of invitation will be provided as a soft copy via e-mail and/or hard copy via mail.
The Visa process generally takes months. Please make sure to apply well in advance. Please visit Official Invitation and Cancellation policy
The official Invitation has secure seal to enhance authenticity

(a) Authors, Listeners or accompanying family members must fill out the official invitation request form and may submit it to the oida@ontariointernational.org

What does the conference registration fees include?
Attendance to all Sessions
Conference Proceedings (abstracts) book on USB or DVD
Certificate of Attendance
All food services as described on registration.
Important Note: The conference registration fees do not include accommodation and traveling charges.

When can I get the receipt of conference registration fees?
The receipt is issued at the conference registration desk

What is the length of the oral Paper Presentation?
Each Presentation is 20 minutes long with a 10 minute discussion / question and answer session for a total of 30 minutes.

Is there a Poster Presentation Session?
Yes, the Posters are included in the Poster Presentation Sessions

Should I stay at the University residence?
No. You need not stay at the university residence
Organizers arranged a discounted group rate for accommodation at minimal cost at the university residence. For more information, please visit Travel and accommodation.

Do you arrange traveling services for the conference participants?
NO. All participants may need to arrange their travelling services. However shuttle bus is available from University residence to conference centre and operate hourly.

If you need more information please contact
Conference Secretariat
287 Second Avenue South, Sudbury,
Ontario, P3B 4H6,
E-mail: oida@ontariointernational.org
Tel: + 1 705 561 7615
Fax: + 1 705 566 2295